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DNC Staffer Seth Rich was Murdered almost a year ago….Who killed him and Why was Seth Rich Killed?

SETH RICH investigation in eye-opening detail (video)

Written by DML
Each day I receive hundreds of emails, messages and comments via our website and social media pages. Periodically, one or two will really stand out and catch my attention.  Today, for example, there was a message from a reader who used the “submit news” button on our website to send me a video about the murder of Seth Rich.  The video is truly eye-opening.

Seth Rich was the DNC staffer who was murdered late at night in July 2016 while walking home from a bar in Washington DC.   He was shot in the back.  His killers remain at large.

Recently, Rich’s death has sparked debate as questions continue to swirl about what really took place on that dreadful evening in July.   Rich’s parents say their son was the victim of a mugging gone awry.  The DC police agree with this narrative.  However, as shown in the video below, the “mugging” story doesn’t add up.

In the other hand are those people, including yours truly, who believe the death of Seth Rich goes much deeper, and connects to the DNC emails leaked to WikiLeaks.

I know there is no shortage of videos to watch on this Memorial Day, but if you can carve out 20-minutes, I assure you the following news report from One American News Network is worth the time.  It is the best report I have seen to date about the murder of Seth Rich.


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