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Vietnam Blogger Gets 10 Years for ‘Conducting Propaganda’

I do the same thing in America, and I am free to judge my government. God Bless America.  Jimmy

Prominent blogger Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh, left, stands trial in the south central province of Khanh Hoa, Vietnam, June 29, 2017. She was accused of distorting government policies and defaming the Communist regime on her Facebook posts, her lawyer said.

Prominent blogger Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh, left, stands trial in the south central province of Khanh Hoa, Vietnam, June 29, 2017. She was accused of distorting government policies and defaming the Communist regime on her Facebook posts, her lawyer said.

Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh, the Vietnamese blogger who received the International Women of Courage Award from first lady Melania Trump in March, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison by the Hanoi government for the activities that earned her the honor, her laywer says.

The government found Quynh, also known as Mother Mushroom and Me Nam, guilty under Article 88 of the 1999 penal code — “conducting propaganda against the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.” She faced a maximum prison sentence of 12 years under the vaguely worded law that has drawn international condemnation for the range it allows the government in suppressing dissent.

Quynh, 37, had been detained on the current charges since Oct. 10, 2016, after posting about people dying in police custody.

Nguyen Kha Thanh, one of Quynh’s three defense attorneys, called the verdict “too harsh, much more than a verdict to murder offender.”

“It’s not fair for Mother Mushroom from the beginning, based on two points,” lawyer Ha Huy Son, whose request to assist Quynh’s defense was denied by court officials, told VOA’s Vietnamese Service. “First, the court doesn’t respect defendant’s right of having her lawyers. Second, the court used surveyors report to conclude the defendant guilty before trial.”

FILE - Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh

FILE – Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh

In Vietnam, surveyors are government employees, tasked to review materials, especially “abstract materials,” such as books and blog entries, to determine whether the content runs afoul of the legal code.

Nguyen Thi Tuyet Lan, Quynh’s mother, recounted her daughter’s last statements at trial: “She [said she] has the right to express her thoughts on Facebook because she has sent many suggestions for better [society], but did not receive any reply from the authorities.”

Lan then told VOA that her daughter called the charges biased and requested continued supervision by any international rights organization.

“I’m sorry, Mum. But if given a choice, I’d still do it the same,” Quynh announced to the court, aware that her mother was in attendance.

In March, she was one of 13 women to receive an International Women of Courage Award from the United States, which the first lady presented.

“Together, with the international community, the United States must send a clear message that we are watching. It is therefore our duty to continue to shine the light on each miraculous victory achieved by women — all capable of trying, truly leading the change to fight for those that cannot fight for themselves,” said Trump.

FILE - First lady Melania Trump presents the 2017 Secretary's of State's International Women of Courage (IWOC) Award to Veronica Simogun from Papua New Guinea, March 29, 2017, at the State Department in Washington.

FILE – First lady Melania Trump presents the 2017 Secretary’s of State’s International Women of Courage (IWOC) Award to Veronica Simogun from Papua New Guinea, March 29, 2017, at the State Department in Washington.

Quynh, a founder of Vietnam’s influential Human Rights Bloggers Network, was the only honoree unable to attend the Washington, D.C., ceremony. She spent the day in a Khanh Hoa Province prison.

The United States recognized Quynh for “her bravery for raising civil society issues, inspiring peaceful change, calling for greater government transparency and access to fundamental human rights, and for being voice of freedom of expression,” said Grace Choi, a spokeswoman for the State Department’s East Asia-Pacific Office, at the time of the award.

Despite major reforms in Vietnam’s economy and a growing acceptance of social change, the ruling Communist Party retains tight media control and exhibits zero tolerance for criticism.

Quynh, who began blogging as Mother Mushroom in 2006, has been a persistent critic.

Among her recent campaigns, she blogged about the government’s handling of a chemical spill at the Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corporation. The April 2016 Ha Tinh fish kill is widely seen as having raised environmental awareness and activism among Vietnamese.

In March 2009, Quynh spent nine days in police detention for receiving funds from Viet Tan, a California-based activist group, to print T-shirts carrying slogans against a major bauxite project in the Central Highlands, police said.

Hanoi declared Viet Tan “a terrorist organization” and warned that any Vietnamese found to be involved with the group would be regarded as co-conspirators and punished.

In March 2016, Hanoi’s People’s Court sentenced Nguyen Huu Vinh, founder of the news website and aggregator Ba Sam, and Nguyen Thi Minh Thuy, his editorial assistant, to five and three years respectively for “abusing democratic freedoms.” The trial lasted less than one day.

That same month the court sentenced blogger Nguyen Ngoc Gia, also known as Nguyen Dinh Ngoc, to four years in prison and three years of probation for “propagandizing” against the state.

In March 2014, a court in Danang, Vietnam’s third-largest city, sentenced prominent blogger and human rights defender Truong Duy Nhat to two years in prison for “abusing democratic freedoms.”

This report originated in VOA’s Vietnamese Service.


Former Obama Officials Are Endangering American Security with Anti-Trump Leaks

“Those responsible for the disastrous foreign national security policy of the Obama administration for the last years—Ben Rhodes, Colin Kahl—they provide the marching orders to a broader group of people that are associated with the broader [Democratic Party] Podesta-Clinton network, and now they’re trying to rewrite history at the cost of American national security,” the official said.

A new wave of leaks targeting the Trump administration has actively endangered ongoing intelligence and military operations being conducted by the U.S.

The 2016 Election and the Demise of Journalistic Standards – Imprimis

LET ME MAKE IT CLEAR. The behavior of much of the media, but especially The New York Times, was a disgrace in the 2016 election. I don’t believe it ever will recover the public trust it squandered.

Last year’s election gave us the revelation that most of what you read, watch, and listen to is distorted by intentional bias and hostility.

Harvard Law Prof: Not Only Was Trump’s Tweet About Tapes ‘Legal,’ It Was ‘In The Interest Of Justice’

Dershowitz explained that not only was President Trump’s tweet about possibly taping Comey “legal,” but it was also done ‘”in the interest of justice”. And that Trump was bluffing so that Comey would not know whether or not he had tapes, and thus would be incredibly careful during his open testimony.
“He has to think in the back of his head, ‘maybe there was a recording, I have to be very very careful about what I say,’” he said.
Then Dershowitz told Fox News’ Bill Hemmer that he has used the same tactic himself.
“I had a policeman on the witness stand who was lying about what he told my client, I led him to believe I had a tape recording of it by reading from a transcript…the cop thought I had him on tape, he changed his testimony, told the truth, we won the case,” Dershowitz outlined.

Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz said on Fox News Friday that not only was President Trump’s tweet about possibly taping Comey “legal,” but it was…

CrowdStrike: Five Things Everyone Is Ignoring About The Russia-DNC Story


The Democratic Party and mainstream media have become increasingly consumed with the narrative that Donald Trump’s election win is largely influenced by Russian hacking.

The narrative is centered around two hacks–the hack of a DNC server that led to the release of embarrassing emails during the Democratic National Convention, and the hack of John Podesta’s email which led to several embarrassing moments for the Clinton campaign in October 2016. Both are supposedly the result of the Russians.

The Russia story is back in the headlines once again after reports surrounding former President Barack Obama’s attempts to “punish” Russia for its interference.

However, there is still a cloud of doubt hanging over the DNC’s Russia narrative on the breach of the DNC servers.

The analysis that alleged that Russia was behind the DNC server breach was carried out not by the U.S. government, but by the private security group CrowdStrike.

CrowdStrike is the sole source of this claim, with their June 2016 report, “Bears in the Midst: Intrusion into the Democratic National Committee” being the basis of the DNC’s Russian hacking allegations.

Here are five key points about CrowdStrike that the mainstream media is ignoring:

1. Obama Appoints CrowdStrike Officer To Admin Post Two Months Before June 2016 Report On Russia Hacking DNC

In April 2016, two months before the June report that alleged a Russian conspiracy, former President Barack Obama appointed Steven Chabinsky, the general counsel and chief risk officer for CrowdStrike, to the Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity.

CrowdStrike co-founder George Kurtz said at the time, “We wish Steve and the rest of the Commissioners every success in this important effort. Their dedicated and thoughtful leadership on these issues holds great potential for promoting innovation and the benefits of technology, while lowering the very real security risks we are facing today.”

2. The FBI Never Looked At The DNC’s Servers — Only CrowdStrike Did

As far as we know, the FBI still has not examined the DNC server that Russia allegedly hacked.

There has been no corroboration or second opinion on who may have hacked the server. The only source for this claim is CrowdStrike, who began monitoring the DNC system on May 5th, 2016, according to

The DNC also reportedly paid $168,000 to CrowdStrike.

3. Comey Contradicted The DNC’s Story On The FBI Asking To See The Server

The DNC claimed in January that the reason the FBI never examined their hacked server was simple–the FBI never requested to do so. Yet, DNC deputy communications director Eric Walker gave told BuzzFeed News in an email, “The DNC had several meetings with representatives of the FBI’s Cyber Division and its Washington (DC) Field Office, the Department of Justice’s National Security Division, and U.S. Attorney’s Offices, and it responded to a variety of requests for cooperation, but the FBI never requested access to the DNC’s computer servers.”

However, this claim was contradicted by then-FBI director James Comey, who said in a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing in January that there were “multiple requests at different levels” to look at the DNC’s servers. Instead, Comey said a “highly respected private company” got access to the servers–meaning CrowdStrike.

A senior FBI official told WIRED in January, “The FBI repeatedly stressed to DNC officials the necessity of obtaining direct access to servers and data, only to be rebuffed until well after the initial compromise had been mitigated.”

“This left the FBI no choice but to rely upon a third party for information. These actions caused significant delays and inhibited the FBI from addressing the intrusion earlier.”

As Josephine Wolff of Slate pointed out, “…whether because they were denied access or simply never asked for it, the FBI instead used the analysis of the DNC breach conducted by security firm CrowdStrike as the basis for its investigation. Regardless of who is telling the truth about what really happened, perhaps the most astonishing thing about this probe is that a private firm’s investigation and attribution was deemed sufficient by both the DNC and the FBI.”

Published on Mar 20, 2017

FBI Director James Comey referred to Crowdstrike, the cybersecurity company working for the Democratic National Committee (DNC), as a “highly respected private company” during a Senate hearing on Monday. Crowdstrike released a report tying “Russian hacking” to an incident that never happened, the report later being debunked. Executives from Crowdstrike and Director Comey are both scheduled to testify in front of the House Intelligence Committee on Monday morning at 10 am.

4. CrowdStrike Co-Founder Is Fellow On Russia Hawk Group, Has Connections To George Soros, Ukrainian Billionaire

Co-Founder and CTO of CrowdStrike Dmitri Alperovitch is a nonresident senior fellow on the Atlantic Council.

The Atlantic Council is hawkish on Russia, previously publishing reports about topics like how the West can “get tougher” on Russia, how to “fight back Against Russian political warfare,” how to respond “to Russia’s Anti-Western Aggression.”

Other articles are titled, “From Russia with Hate: The Kremlin’s Support for Violent Extremism in Central Europe” and “Here’s Why You Should Worry About Russian Propaganda.”

In one article published by the Atlantic Council, writer Stephen Blank claims that Russia is a more urgent security threat than terrorism.

Further, the Atlantic Council is funded by NATO, enhancing the hawkish view on Russia.

The Atlantic Council is also funded by the “Open Society Initiative for Europe,” a program of leftist billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

The Open Society Initiative for Europe has written that they support, “initiatives that strengthen the protection of migrants and the politics of inclusion, giving the leading role and voice in advocating policies and social change to migrants and refugees, their descendants, and their allies in civil society.”

The Atlantic Council is also funded by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.

Pinchuk is a Ukrainian billionaire who reportedly gave $25 million to the Clinton Foundation, and was invited to Clinton’s home for a dinner in 2012 while she was secretary of state, despite an earlier denial from a Clinton spokesperson that “never on her schedule” during her time as Secretary.

5. CrowdStrike Is Funded By Clinton-Loving Google $$

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that CrowdStrike received $100 million in investments led by Google Capital (since re-branded as CapitalG) in 2015.

CapitalG is owned by Alphabet, and Eric Schmidt, Alphabet’s chairman, was a supporter of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. More than just supporting Clinton, leaked emails from Wikileaks in November 2016 showed that in 2014 he wanted to have an active role in the campaign.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Schmidt “sent a Clinton campaign official a lengthy memo with advice on running the campaign. He told campaign officials he was ‘ready to fund, advise recruit talent,’ and ‘clearly wants to be head outside advisor,’ according to a 2014 email from Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta to campaign manager Robby Mook.”

And Politico reported in November 2016 that Schmidt “served in a personal capacity as an adviser to the Clinton operation,” and wore a “staff” badge at her election night party.

Schmidt also funded a startup called, “The Groundwork.” An article in Quartz titled, “The stealthy, Eric Schmidt-backed startup that’s working to put Hillary Clinton in the White House,” details its operations.

“The Groundwork, according to Democratic campaign operatives and technologists, is part of efforts by Schmidt—the executive chairman of Google parent-company Alphabet—to ensure that Clinton has the engineering talent needed to win the election,” the article says.

“And it is one of a series of quiet investments by Schmidt that recognize how modern political campaigns are run, with data analytics and digital outreach as vital ingredients that allow candidates to find, court, and turn out critical voter blocs.”

The post also calls Schmidt “one of the most powerful donors in the Democratic Party.”

There are other connections between Google money and the Democratic Party.

Stephanie Hannon, former Director of Product Management for Google, left in 2015 to become Hillary Clinton’s Chief Technology Officer for her 2016 campaign.

(h/t Breitbart News)


British MP Nigel Evans tells you exactly why Donald J. Trump is the President of the United States


How the (Legitimate) Investigation of Hillary Clinton led to the (Illegitimate) Investigation of President Trump


During the 2016 presidential election it came to light that Hillary R. Clinton was guilty of misusing the closed communications system at the Department of State while she was the Secretary of that Department during the Obama Administration.  As such there were classified and/or close government emails transmitted between Clinton, the State Department, the office of President Obama, Clinton confidantes, and people outside of the government.

The Clinton investigation was mishandled by  FBI Director James Comey and the Department of Justice Attorney General Loretta Lynch in a politically partisan manner, that contributed to negative feelings toward the FBI, the DOJ and Clinton, which helped Donald J. Trump win the election.

At the end of the 2016 election the Democrats were screaming for James Comey to be fired because unlike the DOJ, the Director of the FBI is appointed to a ten year term, though the Director serves at the pleasure of the President of the United States.

Once elected negative fake reports such as the Russian Dossier, that President Trump was colluding with Russia and the fact that now James Comey is under President Trump. The partisan politician moves and actions by Comey continued to interfere with  President Trump doing his job and the Republican base, and the call for Comey to be fired is now on the lips of Republicans.

The newly appointed Deputy Attorney General and the Attorney General wrote letters to the President and recommend that Comey be fired.  The contents of the letter are herein and spell out clearly how Comey had failed in his job and brought ill will to the FBI and DOJ.  President Trump summarily fired Comey.

Here is what we know:

First, James Comey was fired for actions he took in his handling, in a partisan way, a criminal investigation and reporting of same at a congressional hearing.  And that James Comey usurped his authority and the guidelines and policy of the DOJ, and the FBI concerning the investigation and handling of the criminal investigation of Hillary R. Clinton’s miss-handling of secure email communications while at the Department of Justice.

Second, very recent testimony under oath by James Comey revealed that he was compelled to usurp the then Attorney General Loretta Lynch because Ms. Lynch had directed Comey to a) call the “investigation” of Hillary Clinton a “matter”, which matched the Clinton 2016 campaign rhetoric, and b) because DOJ Lynch had had a one-on-one with Ex-President Bill Clinton on an airport tarmac near the end of the Clinton investigation.  

Also we need to add herein that the investigation of Hillary Clinton was fraught with irregularities such as: a) being called a matter – so Comey did factually and wrongly follow the Conflict of Interest, Obstruction of Justice direction he had received from DOJ Lynch, b) never had Hillary Clinton testify under oath, and c) though Comey cited violations of law by Clinton, did not recommend her to prosecution as is required by DOJ/FBI rules.

James Comey was fired for actions he took

The Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein generated a letter recommending to the Attorney General Jeff Sessions that James Comey be fired for working outside of FBI policy, and usurping the authority of his boss Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

We know that FBI Director James Comey became a failure at his post over the last year primarily because he was guided by his desire to save Hillary Clinton and to please his boss DOJ Loretta Lynch in trying to make her a legitimate contender for president; all-in-all non-judicial political actions that as the Deputy AG stated in his letter of recommendation to fire FBI Director James Comey: “SUBJECT: RESTORING PUBLIC CONFIDENCE IN THE FBI” that specifically,

“The Federal Bureau of Investigation has long been regarded as our nation’s premier federal investigative agency. Over the past year, however, the FBI’s reputation and credibility have suffered substantial damage, and it has affected the entire Department of Justice. That is deeply troubling to many Department employees and veterans, legislators and citizens.”

In the recommendation letter the Deputy noted that Comey had taken actions in the investigation of Hillary R. Clinton’s email issue:  

The director was wrong to usurp the Attorney General’s authority on July 5, 2016, and announce his conclusion that the case should be closed without prosecution.   There is well-established process for other officials to step in when a conflict requires the recusal of the AG and duly appointed Justice Department leaders will take over.

Compounding the error, the Director ignored another longstanding principle: WE DO NOT HOLD PRESS CONFERENCES TO RELEASE DEROGATORY INFORMATION ABOUT THE SUBJECT OF A CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION. Derogatory information sometimes is disclosed in the course of criminal investigations and prosecutions, but we never release it gratuitously.

In response to skeptical questions at a congressional hearing, the Director defended his remarks by saying that his “goal was to say what is true. What  we do, what did we find, and what do we think about it.” BUT THE GOAL OF A FEDERAL CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION IS NOT TO ANNOUNCE OUR THOUGHTS AT A PRESS CONFERENCE. But the goal of the federal criminal investigation is  whether there is sufficient evidence to justify a federal criminal prosecution, then allow a federal prosecutor who exercises authority delegated by the Attorney General to make a prosecutorial decision, and then – if prosecution is warranted – let the judge and jury determine the facts.  

Concerning his letter to the Congress on October 28, 2016, the Director cast his decision as a choice between whether he would “speak” about the decision to investigate the newly-discovered email messages or “conceal” it.  “Conceal” is a loaded term that misstates the issue.   Silence is not concealment.

Former DOJ Leaders were interviewed and Gave Damning Comments regarding Comey’s Actions

Everyone who Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein interviewed about James Comey agrees that the Director made serious mistakes; it is one of the few issues that unites people of diverse perspectives.

  • [FBI Director James Comey] “Stepped way outside of his job in disclosing the recommendation in that fashion” because the FBI director “doesn’t make that decision.” Per comments of Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey, who served under President George W. Bush
  • “It is not the bureau’s responsibility to opine on whethere a matter should be prosecuted” Judge Laurence Silberman, Deputy Attorney General under President Ford
  • The Comey decision to not recommend Hillary Clinton was “an error in judgement.” Per Alberto Gonzales, who also served as Attorney General under President George W. Bush.
  • The Director’s decision “was incorrect. It violated long-standing Justice Department policies and traditions. And it ran counter to guidance that I put in place four years ago laying out the proper way to conduct investigations during an election season. And he noted that Comey “broke with these fundamental principles: and “negatively affected public trust in both the Justice Department and the FBI” Per Eric Holder, who served as Deputy Attorney General under President Clinton and Attorney General under President Obama.
  • The unusal events were “real-time, raw-take transparency taken to its illogical limit, a kind of reality TV of federal criminal investigation, “that is antithetical to the interest of justice.” Per Former Deputy Attorneys General Gorelick and Thompson.
  • “Astonished and perplexed” by the decision to “break with longstanding practives followed by officals of both parties during past elections.” “Perhaps most troubling…is the precedence set by this departure from the Department’s widely-respected, non-partisan traditions.” Per Donald Ayer, who served as Deputy Attorney General under President H.W. Bush, along with former Justice Department officials.

    Republicans Call for “Special Counsel” to Investigate Loretta Lynch

    Republicans seem to be finally going on the offensive with several members of the GOP calling on the Special Counsel to look into whether former Attorney G

The Truth and Nothing But the Truth

Hillary Clinton didn’t have an agenda for America except a 3rd term of Obama.  America was ready for a leader who was brave enough to put America and Americans first and foremost.

Hillary Clinton was proven to be a flawed person by Obama, the FBI and DOJ who then proved to the American people that the intelligence community was partisan.  The intelligence community continues to this day to be flawed and partisan.

President Trump was truly elected the President of these United States by a legitimate vote of the American people.

Former President Obama took steps during the 2016 campaign to UNMASK Americans – who unmasked who for what reason is yet to be investigated fully as this is the only crime other than Clinton’s yet to get action.  Reason being it isn’t against President Trump.

Former President Obama took steps during the 2016 campaign to open the investigative arms of the intelligence community to allow for the flow of unverified data between agencies.  This action has caused many Americans to be unmasked and targeted without proper cause.  This too lacks the proper review and investigation – again because it is against Obama and not Trump.  Seems another partisan action by the intelligence community.

President Trump was told by Comey that he was not under investigation and displayed that whatever communication he had with Trump was seen by him as NOT A Obstruction of Justice. Respected legal minds like Democrat Alan Dershowitz state with legal reasoning that there is NO Obstruction of Justice in firing of Comey related to the Comey investigation of the Trump campaign team regarding Russian connections.

Leaks have happened constantly within the government and all against President Trump. James Comey is one of the leakers as he testified before congress last week.  Here too, since the leaks have been to destroy Trump, proper investigations and disclosure and bringing leakers – to include Comey have not taken place.  Yet another proof that the intelligence community is partisan.

The left continues to come up with every fake and false report against the right and our president to try and devalue his presidency.  The left is running a campaign of delusion and lies as they do their best in the streets, in the halls of Congress and in the press to stop President Trump from completing his plan to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Even though they know that if they are successful in bring the downfall of Trump, that VP Mike Pence will then fulfill the MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN PLAN.

So, the CNN audience isn’t smart enough to hear and understand when a smart law professor/practitioner attorney, lays out the law in laymen terms…
No, I think what is happening here is she sided with Alan Dershowitz and was making the old white professor look stupid. As she (Elizabeth Foley of Florida International University) was really laying out a very clear case of any such crimes against President Trump.
FLASH FOR PROFESSOR FOLEY: You need to be an expert on a real news outlet.. We need clear concise representations of the law through clear eyes.

“We’re on television and this might be getting too technical,” said CNN’s Fareed Zakaria while interrupting a law professor’s explanation of relevant statutes…

Former US Attorney General Michael Mukasey says President Obama may be guilty of obstruction of justice in the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email.  Obama introduced into the investigation that he didn’t see how Hillary Clinton was guilty therefore he guided both Comey and Lynch on the process that led to her getting off the hook.

Former US Attorney General Michael Mukasey says President Obama may be guilty of obstruction of justice in the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email.

President Donald J. Trump delivers the Weekly Address

This is the message I want every young American to hear: there is dignity in every honest job, and there is nobility in every honest worker.

The White House

Join us as President Donald J. Trump delivers the Weekly Address.


Obama Guilty of Real Hillary Clinton Obstruction, Fmr. US AG Mukasey Says

Former US Attorney General Michael Mukasey says former President Barack Obama may be guilty of obstruction of justice in the investigation into Hillary Clinton‘s email.

Former US Attorney General Michael Mukasey says President Obama may be guilty of obstruction of justice in the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email.

Gohmert: We Have a Conspiracy Remaining Afoot in the Department of Justice