Trump visits golf course for 19th time as president

Posted by Jimmy Minnish on April 15, 2017 under Links | Be the First to Comment

When Obama golfed on or off vacation, that’s all he did; and he always golfed with cronies. Did Obama ever take any high ranking foreign officials with him for some one-on-one negotiations, or use golf course facilities for constructive meetings? There is a lot of difference in a serious business mans and a Community Organizers trip to the links.

Wise up lamestream press – most Americans have a little moxy.

If you are going to keep a count, let’s count the number of meetings President Trump has had in his first 100 days as compared to the meetings Obama had.

I understand when Obama had meetings they lasted up to 3 hours with no positive outcome. Meetings that I call ‘Aint It Awful Meetings’….You feel good that you got the crap off your chest, but you accomplish nada from a social or business sense. President Trump runs the meeting and gets results in short order.
P.S. Trump once offered Obama a life membership to one of his golf courses if he would resign the office.


The president traveled to Trump International Golf Club on Saturday morning for what is reportedly his 19th trip to a golf course since taking office.

Critics have panned him because he was a vocal critic of his predecessor, Barack Obama, and his penchant for playing golf while in office.

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