North Korea Can Launch and Reach Guam in 14 to 15 Minutes, Hawaii in 20

Posted by Jimmy Minnish on August 9, 2017 under Links | Be the First to Comment

TIMING: 14 to 15 minutes for ICBM to travel from NKorea to Guam, 20 minutes to Hawaii. For a Thaad anti-ICBM to intersect would take time for the CIC to be spun up and give response orders, launch the Thaad (which takes into consideration the 4 minutes for an ICBM launch sequence as per Hillary during the 2016 presidential debate – SECRET DATA).

Americans at these locations – you have about 5 minutes, use them wisely.

The control of the ICBM does not lend itself to dead-nuts positioning, so the ability to shoot it down, and it’s actual final target are plus/minus perhaps miles, and debris is to be expected.

I strongly advise President Trump to shoot down any ICBM that NKorea launches in their airspace as/when possible. If it’s a drill for them, then it’s a drill for us too. #DonaldJTrump .  Jimmy


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IT’S the controversial missile defence system designed to help South Korea and US military forces stationed on the…

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