Proof, Obama, Clinton Will Be Tried for Treason and Terrorism

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Bertrand Daily Report The War For Our Mind & Soul Continues
Subject: Proof, Obama and Clinton Will Be Tried For Terrorism and Treason
By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.
The citizen journalist report below is a time consuming investigation by “Red Pill” and The Goldwater website and is very thorough of how Hussein Obama, FBI James Comey, Loretta Lynch, along with a host of many others, (together) completely corrupted most every federal agency in America. There are still high level dedicated Communists in the government, but when the time comes….they’re all going down at once. The report below is proof…it’s happening.
The entire criminal link between Obama, Clinton, Comey….the Iranian Terrorist group Hezbollah and Russia’s Putin involves everything from the Uranium One deal, arms trafficking, the import of drugs into the U.S., money laundering, and the attempt to corrupt the entire Congress via blackmail tactics.
You will understand why it appears nothing is happening, but also understand, the so-called “SWAMP” is infested by Communist operatives at every level imaginable. America dodged a bullet beyond any fictional classic Tom Clancy movie and if you are a Dem reading this….you will understand why the Dems are going after Trump in-order to continue the effort of covering-up the biggest scandal and treason ever seen in our life time by the Dems.
After you read the report, you will see exactly how the Trump Administration is cleverly creating the trap for a full blown take-down (IMO) by February 2019. There is so much happening behind the scenes, you will not see any of it, except by alternative news sources and Q-Anon posts. You will fully understand the chess game being played to take-down Communist operatives and why Q Anon says, “Trust The Plan—Trust Sessions.”
There is no doubt….Obama and Hillary will be arrested and either exiled out of the country in-order to stop the civil unrest, or they and many others will have to be tried under a Military Tribunal and sent to GITMO.
GITMO has been in a renovation phase to accommodate 4,000 prisoners…..
Internet chatter suggests that Bill Clinton is about to recuse himself from Hillary and will work with those currently investigating this crime of the century.
Awan (the Pakistani) has made a plea deal and holds the house of cards in his palm. He knows where all the bodies are buried and is alleged to be providing information about his connections with the Muslim Brotherhood and Hezbollah….laundering money for high level democrats and his spying on all of Congress as an IT technician with access to EVERYONE’s computer in Washington D.C.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) is a major conspirator and was at a party the night before with Seth Rich. The next day he was assassinated for turning over DNC emails to Julian Assange (WikiLeaks).
Obama is the main treasonous culprit working close with Hezbollah and Communist operatives inside of the White House and every federal agency. Corruption was nearly out-of-control under Obama.
Because of what’s happening is the reason (IMO) why Obama decided to go on the offensive with Eric Holder as his planner and why the OFA came into existence to recruit (so far) over 30,000 activists (ANTIFA) to create fake news, anti-Trump aggression against current policies, and likely upcoming false flag attacks.
Both Obama and Clinton have recently visited New Zealand (not at the same time) to look at properties and to gain some type of agreement with the NZ government to maybe protect them from extradition, which the U.S. has an Extradition Treaty with New Zealand. Their protection $$$$$$ could easily be granted if the two are granted Diplomatic Status by New Zealand.
Obama has also been traveling Europe…maybe for the same reason(s)….as well as Comey and Hillary Clinton.
In the meanwhile….federal judges are being replaced nationwide and the Supreme Court will not become a Democrat safe-haven while All federal agencies are being overhauled.
AG Deputy Rosenstein, FBI Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and others will find they have no choice but to flip and provide damaging testimony against Obama and Clinton over their ties to terrorism.
IF….the Clinton hit teams doesn’t get to them first.
—Dave Bertrand

“The newly-ordered investigation is already happening with very little mainstream media coverage, unsurprisingly, and it was ordered by the Attorney General of the United States Jeff Sessions.”

“Whether a planned takedown is actually occurring behind the scenes is again speculation, but the investigations are 100% active and confirmed as per the DOJ statements.”

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