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Circumstances of late have caused me to reflect on something I wrote several years ago titled:  You Inspire Me.  In this short piece I reflect on lessons a young boy learned and what I have learned that has helped to guide my life. This goes back to being inspired by family, friends or mentors along life’s journey.

I saw a video recently where Dr. Thomas Sowell described how he rose out of poverty and becoming a brilliant man based on one friendship he made when he moved from North Carolina as young child whose parents died, and his adopted parents moved to the poor neighborhood of Harlem New York City.  A smart older neighborhood boy named Eddie befriended him, and encouraged him to get a Library Card and read during his first summer when he was eight years old.  In the next several years Eddie convinced him to apply for a better junior high school where he began to prepare for life with a better education. Dr. Sowell’s story displays how a young friend became a mentor who changed his life.  Here is that video: Thomas Sowell: Discrimination and Disparities (Full Interview)

Normally young boys and girls get a leg up from their families, especially where their parents and perhaps their grandparents take a proactive role in assuring they start learning life’s lessons early.  Quite often a coach, a teacher, or another family member helps them, whereas Dr. Sowell’s mentor was a boy just a couple of grades above him.

At times a child doesn’t recognize help when they receive it.  They might see some guiding or little lessons as being ‘picked on’, especially if there is a chore or a ‘fix-it’ is involved.  In these cases a child should try and see wisdom in the lesson and ask themselves – is criticism involved and if so is it positive?  Is it meant to cause hurt or help?  Is it coming from family with good intentions or from someone who isn’t a close friend – someone who means to embarrass, humiliate or belittle them?  Chances are that if the interaction is with a family member, they are giving the lesson with a life plan involved.  They are trying to equip the child to be successful.  It might not feel or appear as an interaction that is good for the child at the time.  However, with time comes wisdom.  I can remember some lessons my father gave me that didn’t seem to be that great while getting the lesson, but quite often his lessons were meant to build character and trust.  Not that you ever trust in everyone, but trust in those who are trying to set you on the right path – love mixed in.

We need to learn to distinguish from those who want to keep us on the right path, who to trust, and those who mean to embarrass, humiliate, undermine or belittle.  Let’s pray that we all develop the ability to pick and choose the right associations in life.  It was once said that to have three to five life friends was above average.  The other week during the confirmation hearings for Judge Kavanagh to the Supreme Court, we learned that Judge Kavanagh has developed hundreds of friend over his life time that came to his side when he needed them.  Imagine being the type of person who has so many close friends. How many of your Facebook Friends are really friends who you can count on when you are in need?  How many of your friends are fair weather friends? How many of you have friends or family for that matter who will come to your aid in any way possible?

Give this some thought.  Not everyone all the time will act or react in the way you wish they would.  We all need to consider where that person is in life or their day. What are they giving up to help, and would you be willing to help them in the same fashion were the tables reversed?

Can you list one of life’s lessons you have learned that help you work your way through life?  Here’s one – When confronted by someone making a comment that is annoying, before you say anything, count to five. Give yourself a chance to rethink a spur of the moment slip of the tongue.  That works both ways too.  I learned that this morning.


Preview YouTube video Thomas Sowell: Discrimination and Disparities (Full Interview)

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