Cleaning Up Some History 

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Some 71 years ago I was born, and it is time to evaluate important documents that are a collective of my life – to include Life Insurance.

In reviewing all things that matter, I ran across a policy that is as old as I am; a policy that my father wrote for me 3 months after my birth. Back in 1947 my young parents were just getting started.  My older sister already had her policy for 4 years, and it was another 4 years before my younger sister would be born, and a policy be written in her name.  There were 3 siblings and we were all given our policies probably 20 years ago, sometime after maturity; and I am the last sibling to dig it out of the strongbox and decide to cash it in; and I find that I can still collect it some 49 years after the policy reached its cash value.

The policies were written on Pilot Life Insurance Company in Greensboro, North Carolina which has long been defunct.  Through neglect I am the last child to cash the policy in through The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company.

Looking over this little piece of the family history, and in talking about this piece of history with my wife, I am reminded of my young parent’s lives in the 40s, and what exactly I should do with the meager cash value of this long since paid up policy.

Back during the period of my birth and early life my dad worked a ‘debit’ he called it for Pilot Life, where he sold such policies to low-income people in town. Being a low-income family as well, my dad practiced what he preached, and surely pitched to prospective customers that he had protected his children with policies.   At that time, my mother was a waitress downtown at The Cup & Saucer in the 50’s.

Mom is on the left                   Dad when we lived in Daytona Beach

Mom and Dad


As I review the life insurance policy payment book that my parents kept, that required a payment of 22 cents a week for the next 20 years, I marvel at my parent’s tenacity to keep our $500 policies in a safe place, make the payments though small, regularly, and keep the documents intact.  An act which included the movement from the end of Turner Street, to Bower Lane in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to the motel my parents bought in Daytona Beach Florida, with a detour to San Jose, California, then back to the rental house on Eastwin Drive and finally to the top of Turner Street; these policies and payment books made a safe journey.

I completed the required paperwork to transfer the $500 of life insurance to my wife, while I think about the time and thoughtfulness taken to provide this policy for me.

SERIOUSLY! You were wearing your Birthday Suit the moment of your birth.

When my policy was probably 6 years old

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