Where is the body of evidence that President Trump and the Republicans aren’t going to trounce the Democrats again in 2018?

Posted by Jimmy Minnish on October 28, 2018 under Links | Be the First to Comment


Consider the following:


Americans who stand for the flag and kneel for the cross are mighty in number


30% of Trump voters will not tell pollsters that they support President Trump or the Republicans


Going into the 2016 presidential election polls showed that Clinton had momentum, that she was unstoppable


Voters for Trump wanted a change, wanted an outsider, wanted to again have the will of the people, the middle class represented in government


Democrats hate that Republicans led by President Trump are for a sovereign nation.  The Democrats are the party that supports open borders. There are the taunting headlines like “No, Democrats Don’t Want ‘Open Borders.’”

“The Democrats want open borders. They want anybody they wanted, including MS-13, pouring into the country.”

— President Trump, speaking on Monday at a campaign rally in South Carolina


Voters wanted President Trump to change the Supreme Court to a balanced court of the people and the Constitution as he had promised


Americans see that President Trump had delivered on all campaign promises he could and then some


Democrats now after almost 2 years in office that President Trump is a man of the people, a man who works for nothing, and who sacrificed all to be our president

Many Democrats are leaving the party after seeing what President Trump stands for and represents for all Americans and they have started several things like #WalkAway from Democrat movement.  And young blacks for Trump movement.

The young black Americans backing Trump

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Voters wanted jobs, jobs, jobs, a rich economy, continued tax cuts, fair trade with other countries, fair regulations, laws for America enforced, and strong American values that President Trump has delivered


Trump’s rallies are even stronger and has more attendance than when he campaigned and won the presidency in 2016

Trump Rally’s Quad over Obama’s

Trump rally vs. Obama rally

Democrats have nothing to offer America but hate, divisiveness and mob rule. There only spoken plans are to disrupt the positive plans that President Trump has been putting in place.


Democrats want open borders where the dredges of the world can resent on America and they do it with open arms, sanctuary cities and states.


Where again is the body of knowledge that the Democrats are going to win, that they have a blue wave?

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