Devin Nunes Op-Ed Reflects Intelligence Dance to Thread a Needle…

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Posted on April 5, 2019by sundance

HPSCI Ranking Member Devin Nunes has an excellent op-ed today in the Washington Examiner where he discusses the end of the Russia collusion-consiracy hoax. Everything inside the op-ed is 100% accurate; however, something very important is missing.

By now everyone knows there were two parallel operations, two investigative paths, at work in the 2016 election. There was an official government investigation, Crossfire Hurricane via the FBI; and an unofficial investigation, dossier assembly via Chris Steele and Fusion GPS.  Both operations originated in synergy with the vast Russian conspiracy narrative.

One operation was a function of elements outside the traditional framework of government via Fusion GPS. The second operation was specifically happening inside government spurred by CIA Director John Brennan and with the delivery of his “EC” officially creating the Crossfire Hurricane counterintelligence investigation.

Crossfire Hurricane, began on July 31st, 2016.  Later in the year, the FBI investigation merged with the Fusion GPS investigation through the use of the Steele Dossier; and that led to the FISA application on Carter Page as a way to enmesh the two tracks.

Devin Nunes does an excellent job explaining the Fusion-GPS network, which includes: Glenn Simpson, Nellie Ohr, Christopher Steele and eventually DOJ official Bruce Ohr. Bruce was the bridge to import opposition research (The Dossier) from the private sector and inject it into the FBI intelligence apparatus.

This Fusion-GPS operation, as Nunes correctly describes, culminated with the Steele Dossier being transferred into the FBI.  Again, I strongly urge everyone to read the Op-ed.

However, there is a stark absence within Nunes outline; there is something completely mssing, “the second operation“.  The operation that originated from within the U.S. government in early 2016. The CIA operation started by John Brennan.

The external team, Glenn Simpson and Nellie Ohr et al, could not instruct Joseph Mifsud (Maltese Professor, FBI/CIA asset), or Alexander Downer (Australian Diplomat), or Stephan Halper (U.K. Academic and FBI/CIA asset), or Charles Tawil (Israeli CIA asset) to make contact with George Papadopoulos, Mike Flynn or Carter Page. Those contacts were covert and (un)official government missions for the weaponized U.S. intelligence apparatus.

I can understand why Devin Nunes would want to avoid attention on the second ‘inside government’ operation due to collateral damage that might hit our intelligence capabilities, ie. FISA.  Indeed, with Mr. Nunes in charge of keeping those intelligence capabilities intact, he has somewhat of a conflicted professional interest in full exposure.

However, let me state clearly I’m very concerned the U.S. intelligence system is going to take the same approach toward defending their conflicted interests that Devin Nunes is taking inside this op-ed.

Heck, it would not be a leap to anticipate CIA Director John Brennan, ODNI James Clapper and Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe counting on exactly this inherent conflict helping their own escape from accountability.

The Steele Dossier did not originate Crossfire Hurricane.  CIA Director John Brennan ran an operation from February through July 2016 to create the Crossfire Hurricane investigation run by FBI Agent Peter Strzok.  The Dossier was on any entirely different track.

Devin Nunes has been a solid and trustworthy patriot throughout.  Unfortunately, while many people might not notice the gaping hole inside his op-ed, those of us who do notice have a reason to be concerned….

…[…] “Having extensively investigated this abuse, House Intelligence Committee Republicans will soon be submitting criminal referrals on numerous individuals involved in these matters. These people must be held to account to prevent similar abuses from occurring in the future. The men and women of our intelligence community perform an essential service defending American national security, and their ability to carry out their mission cannot be compromised by biased actors who seek to transform the intelligence agencies into weapons of political warfare.”  – more

Do not let the Deep State bad actors escape by only holding outside conspirators accountable.


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