Report: James Clapper Was Leaking Intelligence Reports to CNN During President-Elect Trump Transition (January 2017)…

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This story today from Sara Carter is really interesting because CTH outlined the foundation of this back in January of 2017.  According to an article published today by Sara Carter her congressional sources have told her of an investigation into former ODNI James Clapper and his leaking of “intelligence information” to CNN in an orchestrated effort to damage the incoming Trump administration.

Sara Carter – Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper allegedly leaked information to CNN early last year regarding the classified briefings given to then President-Elect Donald Trump and President Barrack Obama on the salacious dossier claiming the Russians had compromising information on the president-elect, according to government sources, who noted the evidence of the leak was collected during the House Intelligence Committee’s Russia investigation. (keep reading)


Here’s why it’s particularly interesting.  Back in January of 2017, we noted a series of events between James Clapper (ODNI), John Brennan (CIA) and Jake Tapper (CNN) that appeared transparently obvious about creating a specific narrative.  CTH Timeline:

January 10th, 2017 – CNN Frames “Russian Narrative” – The anatomy of a media smear (link).
January 11th, 2017 – President Trump confronts CNN – “You are fake news” (link)
January 12th, 2017 – Confronted by the Trump Transition Team, independent NBC and Fox News Reporting, CNN’s Anderson Cooper attempts to defend CNN Propaganda (link)
January 15th, 2017 – Bob Woodward calls out CNN, Jake Tapper, John Brennan and James Clapper for false statements and indefensible politicization of institutional U.S. intelligence agencies (link)

In essence the week beginning January 10th, 2017 was the origin of the vast ‘Muh Russia’ conspiracy/collusion narrative against the incoming administration.  The CNN report pushed by Jake Tapper was also the distribution of leaked information James Clapper and John Brennan.  This false narrative was specifically the origin of the “collusion” angle.

James Clapper appeared nervous and playing CYA when he released a statement trying to cover-up his leaking of information to CNN.  Remember this?

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How the MSM and Russian Trolls Are Destroying the Democratic Party

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Forget going from the sublime to the ridiculous. This has gone from the ludicrous to the harebrained.  The fact that anyone could be taking this nonsense seriously anymore boggles the proverbial mind, but they do — especially at that antediluvian relic known as the mainstream media.

Lost in a Russia-induced haze, the Democratic Party virtually no longer exists.  They have no ideas, no proposals, nada.  There’s nothing but Nancy Pelosi whining about “crumbs” while genuine tax reform is appearing live in people’s paychecks. The Democrats can dream about a “wave election,” but the only wave that seems to be coming their way is a surfer’s wipeout.

Nevertheless, CNN et al. bleat on about Russia, Russia, Russia. I have news for Zucker, Tapper, Acosta and company.  No one’s interested.  This is the boy who cried wolf times twenty. The public has been on to the game for months now. It’s even beginning to show in the polls.

In the process, Adam Schiff may have become the most visible Democrat on the planet, but his face is the image of slimy prevarication. He’s Nixon with less hair. Everyone sees it — except for that same loyal media claque.  It’s hard to understand how they could have been so clueless.

They also didn’t get that Devin Nunes is a natural born Mr. Smith, an honest guy from the heartland (Fresno), while Schiff is a natural born hustler representing the Hollywood Hills and Burbank. It’s basic casting.  The media is supposed to know something about this, but they miss it by a mile — and have been unwittingly destroying the Democrats in the process.

As one who has been more than once to Russia and, yes, even knew people in the KGB back in the day (please don’t surveil me, Mr. Mueller.  I’m a loyal American), I am certain that Donald Trump is correct in at least one of his tweets.  The Russians are laughing their asses off about this.  And they deserve to.  We are the biggest doofuses of all time.

That’s undoubtedly true, but leaves outstanding the question of what to do about some real specific crimes that do seem to exist — actions taken by the FBI itself, the suborning of the FISA court, etc.  This opens a giant can of worms that leads back to the Clinton campaign and foundation, all the unfortunate detritus that has been filling an hour of the Hannity show for over a year.

Dershowitz suggests we forget that too.  For whatever reasons — I could speculate, but I won’t — he’s a “let bygones be bygones” guy. He says it’s all political in the end and should be decided at the ballot box.

I disagree.  But maybe I’m too sentimental about the rule of law.  It’s a brave new world out there, after all, where we live by the rule of trolls.  Who knows what they’re cooking up now for their willing stooges in our media?

Roger L. Simon is an award-winning novelist, Academy Award-nominated screenwriter and co-founder of PJ Media.  His latest book is I Know Best:  How Moral Narcissism Is Destroying Our Republic, If  It Hasn’t Already.

CNN Exposed – Emmy Winning Former CNN Journalist Blows the Whistle: CNN is Paid by Foreign and Domestic Government Agencies for Specific Content…

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(Before It’s News)

CNN Exposed – Emmy Winning Former CNN Journalist Blows The Whistle: CNN is paid by foreign and domestic Government agencies for specific content…


(THE CONSERVATIVE TREEHOUSE) — […] CNN is paid by the US government for reporting on some events, and not reporting on others.  The Obama Administration pays CNN for content control.

Let that sink in.Additionally CNN and CNN International are also paid by foreign governments to avoid stories that are damaging, and construct narratives that show them in a better, albeit false, light.
Amber Lyon is a three-time Emmy winning investigative journalist and photographer. She accuses CNN of being “fake news.”

Back in March 2011, CNN sent a four person team to Bahrain to cover the Arab Spring. Once there, the crew was the subject of extreme intimidation amongst other things, but they were able to record some fantastic footage. As Glenn Greenwald of the UK’s Guardian writes in his blockbuster article from September 4th 2012:

“In the segment, Lyon interviewed activists as they explicitly described their torture at the hands of government forces, while family members recounted their relatives’ abrupt disappearances. She spoke with government officials justifying the imprisonment of activists. And the segment featured harrowing video footage of regime forces shooting unarmed demonstrators, along with the mass arrests of peaceful protesters. In sum, the early 2011 CNN segment on Bahrain presented one of the starkest reports to date of the brutal repression embraced by the US-backed regime.

Despite these accolades, and despite the dangers their own journalists and their sources endured to produce it, CNN International (CNNi) never broadcast the documentary. Even in the face of numerous inquiries and complaints from their own employees inside CNN, it continued to refuse to broadcast the program or even provide any explanation for the decision. To date, this documentary has never aired on CNNi.

Having just returned from Bahrain, Lyon says she “saw first-hand that these regime claims were lies, and I couldn’t believe CNN was making me put what I knew to be government lies into my reporting.”

Here is a segment of the Bahrain report that Amber Lyon and her team put together.  CNNi refused to allow it to air because the Bahrain Government had paid them not to show it.