You Inspire Me

Posted by Jimmy Minnish on August 7, 2013 under Links | Be the First to Comment

Jimmy Minnish

There are occasions when you might get this message from someone, or just get the feeling that you did inspire someone.  In either event it feels really good. And if you are a normal person, plotting through the world, you might not even contemplate inspiration at all.

I heard a story last month about a man who grew up very poor.  He was on ‘Relief’ before they called it ‘Assistance’.  He was a child of the state who was being brought up by his grandmother.  And, if you were wondering, he is white. As a child of twelve years old, he really didn’t have an idea of how poor he was, or actually never had a clue or a reason to wonder.  He just enjoyed life, his friends, his school, and his grandmother kept him fed, clothed, and he had an area in her small home that was his sanctuary. He was your normal happy young man, just plotting through life.

However, one day he and his grandmother were at the grocery store. At the check-out line, his grandmother was using her food stamps to purchase the weekly groceries.  As she fumbled with her purse and took her usual amount of time, a man in line behind them became annoyed, and he became vocal when she produced food stamps from her purse.

The man spoke harshly to his grandmother and startled the both of them.  The man said, “Food stamps? You WILL NEVER pay that back, you will ALWAYS be a burden to society!”

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