10 things liberals think are racist, and 10 things they don’t — you decide

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 Earlier this week, Alabama State Rep. Alving Holmes, D-Montgomery, said on the floor of the Alabama House of Representatives that he does not like Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas because he’s married to a white woman, then went on to call him an “Uncle Tom.”

Numerous conservative national media outlets picked up on Holmes’ comments, but as usual, the liberal media ignored them. Of course, we all know what would have happened if a conservative had said those things. So it got us at Yellowhammer thinking, how exactly do liberals decide what’s racist and what’s not?

Here’s a handy guide…

 10 Things Liberals Think are Racist



1. Opposing ObamaCare


opposing obamacare


2. Respecting the rule of law on immigration


Immigration racist


3. Criticizing the IRS




4. The Tea Party


tea party kkk


5. The 2013 government shutdown


race shutdown


6. Disagreeing with the president


disagree with president


7. Opposing Medicaid expansion




8. Supporting a black Republican


Herman Cain


9. School choice


school choice


10. Pointing out that more people are food stamps now then ever before


Reforming food stamps



10 Things Liberals Don’t Think are Racist



1. Calling a Supreme Court Justice an “Uncle Tom”


Alvin Holmes Uncle Tom


2. Anti-Semitism


Being antisemetic


3. Insinuating that being black means being poor and shining shoes


Being black means shining shoes


4. The phrase “negro dialect”


negro dialect


5. Racial slurs


Racial slurs


6. Stereotyping individuals of Indian descent


Racio stereotype Indians


7. Perpetuating racial stereotypes of black males




8. Wanting to kick individuals of Asian descent out of your community


Wanting asians out


9. Saying this about a black conservative…


black republican


10. Giving dirty looks to interracial couples


interracial couplesder_j


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