2020 Election Fraud on Steroids

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The media has no right to select a President. This falls exclusively under the domain of the American people.

Anyone who has been paying attention should not be surprised that we are currently dealing with election fraud. But the current situation has reached a significant and unprecedented scale.

To facilitate a better understanding of just how far the political left will go to expand their power, remember:

  • Four years of a Russian hoax
  • Phony Steele Dossier paid for by Hillary
  • 2+ years of a Mueller investigation staffed with 17 Democrat, Trump-hating attorneys who found nothing
  • The impeachment/obstruction hoax
  • The Chinese coronavirus hoax. While a genuine threat to targeted vulnerable population segments, it certainly was not the apocryphal event our ruling class and media blamed on Trump 24/7 for just about all of 2020

Hard Evidence

Sydney Powell is an attorney for the president. You may also recognize her as the attorney for General Michael Flynn. She has been lead counsel in 500+ federal appeals cases, 350 of which were as an Assistant U.S. Attorney. Past president of the American Appellate Lawyers and Bar Association of the Fifth Appellate Circuit, member of the American Law Institute, and author of several books. She brings much credibility to the table.

Powell claims to have hard evidence has been and will continue to be submitted in lawsuits filed in several battleground states. Besides the usual voting by the deceased, several other issues appear significant. Powell states that they have over 450,000 ballots from key states with only Biden selected and no down-ballot votes. That would not only be extraordinarily odd but also mathematically impossible. Additionally, there are other Republican candidates whom she claims have had a win stolen from them, including Doug Collins of Georgia and John James from Michigan.

Additional evidence, says Powell, shows that Democratic operatives were changing ballots from Trump to Biden. Powell states that 3% of the vote has been compromised in this way. That’s over 8 million votes!

According to Powell, “Hammer & Scorecard” is a cyber warfare software application used to intercept electronic vote transfers to change votes to favor Biden. A modified algorithm runs to calculate how many votes Trump has over Biden’s votes, so the systems can accurately offset that number to Biden’s benefit. To be clear, this software package is designed for intel-agency use only. The U.S. uses this against our enemies. So, it would appear that Democrat operatives that have both clearance and access to this tool have adapted it to throw an election.

This may explain the 3-hour simultaneous vote count shutdown by key states on election night between 1 AM and 4 AM. These shutdowns occurred immediately after Trump was up by huge margins between midnight and 1 AM. When the shutdowns ended, Biden was curiously up by more than the number needed to overcome each state’s deficit. Coincidence? I’d say that it just doesn’t pass the smell test for any reasonable person. Stated differently; that dog don’t hunt.




General Thomas McInerney is a USAF retired with an impeccable military record, having served four tours in Viet Nam as a combat pilot, and later in several command roles. In the year 2000, he founded Government Reform Through Technology, a consulting firm that works with high tech companies. They work with federal, state, and local governments to introduce advanced technology solutions into the public sector.

General McInerney is very familiar with the intricacies of “Hammer & Scorecard.” He states that the Obama administration used it as a political weapon to spy on Americans deemed political enemies. Just before November 3, McInerney explained how political operatives’ covert use of this system would damage our elections. YouTube took down the broadcast.

McInerney explained that the ruling class, the media, and big tech do not want the American people to know about it. Trump has been attacking the swamp and corruption for the past four years. The media and big tech are allies of the swamp, so they’re complicit in this cover-up. In fact, the D.C. media are the swamp.

So, it appears that he independently prophesized the substance of the investigation that Sydney Powell will be presenting to the courts next week.

More Software “Glitches”

Now, several outlets have reported that the Dominion Voting System software package, which provides “service” for 35% of the country, is responsible for 6,000 Michigan votes for Trump going to Biden. Those 6,000 votes that we know of were in one county only. There are 50+/- other counties in Michigan that use the same system.

Investigative reporter Sara Carter wrote a brief article on the software/election problem. She indicates that Georgia is also relying on the Dominion Voting System. To nobody’s surprise, they are experiencing a “glitch.” A glitch that stopped voting in two counties as a vendor was uploading updates. An election supervisor said she had never seen a tech vendor perform an update during the voting phase of an election.

Election Resolution

As of today, ballots are still being counted. Several of the states where the vote was close will have recounts. There is the litigation that will go forward this week and will be fairly involved. The 2000 presidential election went 37 days due to voting irregularities. The Supreme Court ultimately decided that election.

Each state has different guidelines regarding recounts and run-offs. The following is a chronology of upcoming election events:

  1. Once the dust has settled, each governor is must prepare a Certificate of Ascertainment listing the electors for competing candidates.
  2. December 8 is the deadline for naming electors so that Congress cannot challenge them.
  3. The Electoral College gathers in each state capitol to meet the first Monday after the second Tuesday of December. This year that date is December 14.
  4. Failure to meet the December 14, 2020 deadline could mean that the state’s electors wouldn’t count in the tally.
  5.  December 23 is the deadline for states to submit their votes to Congress.

We should fully expect the U.S. Supreme Court to get involved in this resolution after review by respective state Appellate Courts and U.S. Appellate Courts.

Buckle up!

Image: Sidney Powell on Fox. Twitter screengrab.


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