Israeli YouTube Mocking John Kerry Denounced by State Dept. As “Unacceptable”

Posted by Jimmy Minnish on February 7, 2014 under Links | Be the First to Comment

kerry John Kerry is getting on everyone’s nerves in Israel, with his threats of more boycotts if they don’t bow to “Palestinian” demands and agree to his peace plan.
(I’m just not sure how you “make peace” with people who want to kill you.)

Oh yes, he also went on Israeli TV and threatened “dire consequences” and a possible third intifada if Israel does not agree to the “peace” plan.

So, a few days ago, a YouTube video surfaced in Israel, mocking Kerry.

Susan Rice was not amused.

Susan Rice         @AmbassadorRice

Personal attacks in Israel directed at Sec Kerry totally unfounded and unacceptable.

And today, Jen Psaki, U.S. state Dept. spokesperson, has denounced the youtube clip as “unacceptable.”

Via Daniel Greenfield: FrontPagMag — State Department Denounces Israeli Video Mocking Kerry as “Unacceptable”

The State Department really has no luck with YouTube videos. Before you know it, they’ll be claiming that the video mocking Kerry retroactively caused the Benghazi attack….

If another country demanded that Saturday Night Live or Gawker stopped making fun of its leaders, it would be rightly put in its place. The Obama Inc. demands that Netanyahu stop Israelis from criticizing Kerry are equally inappropriate….

There’s a basic problem with denouncing people in another country making a viral video that gently mocks a politician as “unacceptable” while failing to denounce open advocacy of terror by PLO government officials.

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