This blog in the memory of my oldest son Todd who we lost in 2004.  Todd was a Christian and Conservative who loved his family, God and Country.   He was a quiet man who was loved by his family and friends and he had a deep sense of honor and humility.  His memory continues to guide me.

I started the blog during the campaign season of 2008 while doing opposition research on Barack Obama.  As I collected information I was amazed that the main stream media was obviously bypassing or discounting the data that I saw just from scouring the internet.  I began sharing with my friends and family the best way I knew how prior to the popularity of social media.

Today we reach people in 26 states and 8 countries.  Although I shut off the comments several years ago, I would be happy to hear from you by email.

Stay diligent and safe.

Thanks be to God.

Here is one of my most often read blogs.  I hope you read it and are inspired:  You Inspire Me


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