Americans Who Support Keystone XL Blow Away Those Who Have Ever Supported Obamacare

Posted by Jimmy Minnish on March 20, 2014 under Links | Be the First to Comment


By Emily Hulsey

A recent Pew Research poll reveals that nearly half of Democrats support building the Keystone pipeline, while only 38 percent oppose it:

Moreover, but less surprisingly, 84 percent of Republicans and 61 percent of independent voters support it. The study concluded that overall, 61 percent of Americans want to build the pipeline and only 27 percent are against it.


There’s more support for Keystone than the mainstream media tends to portray. In fact, Keystone has more public support than Obamacare ever had. (The ACA’s highest public approval rating was 43 percent, measured two months after it passed.)

So why won’t our leaders agree to move forward with it? Surely they don’t think they have the right to act against the will of the American people…

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