Critical Election of President Trump

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It’s time to make note that there are 20 to 30 years of videos (I’ve seen my share – see 3 below), where Oprah and other people interviewed President Trump on the subject of improvements he would like to see made in American government. And they always asked him if he would ever run for President. President Trump always said he was happy to leave it to others to be in public office. However, if the country ever needed his help, that the country was in serious need of correction, and he felt he could win and he could help, he would step up. And that is pretty much what President Trump told Biden in the final debate.

Donald Trump on with Oprah Winfrey

Donald Trump interview 1980 (Rona Barrett)

Donald Trump: “I don’t want to be president” – entire 1987 interview – Larry King

Do yourself a favor and watch one or more of those videos and compare his first term record. All of the needs President Trump saw over the years were tackled.

Think about any plan voiced by or tackled, or achieved by Biden over the last 47 years. Think about why Trump decided to step up in 2016.

Obama had put the U.S. on a fast track toward significant income confiscation and “distributive justice.” Obama got close, and economically, it was not good for lower-middle-class workers or unemployed. And Trump felt their pain.

The creation of economic opportunity is why the support for President Trump among black Americans and Hispanics may be one of the sleeper issues.

Biden has made a Faustian bargain with his party’s activist left, and should he win, their price will be putting the U.S. on a fast track toward significant income redistribution and Marxism. #awaken2marxism, #criticalracetheory

If you don’t see in President Trump a man with the love of America and it’s people, a man who like the Founding Fathers risked it all for America vs. a man who has used and abused America and his family for his entire grown life then….Then one of us is loooossssttttt.

If you see President Trump’s worth to saving American values, our way of life, our economy, our 401K and retirement as I do, then let’s work to inform those that need to be informed, to vote to keep President Trump in office.








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