CT Cops Seize 69-Year-Old’s 274 Legal Guns and Charge Him with 17 Felonies

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 CT man has his 274 guns seized

Photo courtesy of Fairfield Police

A Connecticut man found himself in the crosshairs of his state’s anti-2nd amendment policies for simply having too many guns and being a rocketeer.

Police raided the home of Joseph Callahan, 69, on Monday and charged him with 11 counts of illegal possession of explosives and six counts of first-degree reckless endangerment after finding 274 guns in his home in Fairfield Connecticut.

Callahan is a gun aficionado who collects guns and is also a retired chemist who is an amateur rocketeer.  And according to the NY Daily News  “at least some of the chemicals found appeared to be for his rocketry hobby.”  I’m guessing that all of those chemicals were used for his hobby.

Callahan’s attorney Richard Meehan said that his client is harmless and had no intentions of doing anyone any harm.  He is simply a gun collector who also happened to work for DuPont as well as gunmaker Remington Arms, which is how his attorney says he acquired most of his guns.

“He’s a gun collector, and they’re all registered. They’re all legal,” Meehan told the Daily News on Tuesday. “In addition, he’s an amateur rocketeer. He shoots off his own small rockets, and a lot of what he had was related to the rocketry.”  “He’s even in the skeet shooting hall of fame,” he added.

So how did this gun collector end up on the wrong side of the law?  He reported a burglary at his property, and that’s when the authorities made the shocking discovery which resulted in the property swarming with police, fire and Hazmat units.


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