FaceBook removed a quote by Trump: Children are ‘almost immune’ to COVID > CDC stats = 46 children birth/age 15 > less than 0.5% deaths

Posted by Jimmy Minnish on August 5, 2020 under Links | Be the First to Comment

Look at Table 1 of the CDC Stats below link for current data. There have been 46 deaths for children thru age 14 in America to date. If that isn’t ‘almost immune’ I don’t know what is…
Under age 1 = 15 death, age 1 -4 = 10 deaths, age 4 – 14 = 21 deaths. That is less than 0.5% of the overall deaths in America for this age group.

Facebook removes Trump post for falsely claiming children are ‘almost immune’ to COVID-19

A little more data. There are 74M children in America in this age group. EVERY LIFE MATTERS and the death of any child is troubling, though as you factor the 46 children who died from COVID-19, you might gather as President Trump did, that children are almost immune to COVID. https://www.childstats.gov/americaschildren/tables/pop1.asp

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