FLASHBACK: Nancy Pelosi Claims Obamacare Will “Create 4 Million Jobs, 400,000 Almost Immediately”

Posted by Jimmy Minnish on February 8, 2014 under Links | Be the First to Comment

Nancy Pelosi loves Obamacare

There isn’t anyone in Congress that is more of a loony than Nancy Pelosi. But of course she is a good spokeswoman for Obama’s agenda as she says the most utterly insane things while the low information voter simply laps it up thinking how magnificent the government is.

Below is a video from February of 2010 of Ms Pelosi expatiating on the wonderful benefits Americans will have as a result of Obamacare. She goes on to say Obamacare is not only about the health of America, “It’s about jobs…It will create 4 million jobs, 400,000 almost immediately.” And adds, “this legislation is about innovation, it’s about prevention, it’s about wellness.”

And finally Pelosi exclaims Obamacare is, “about affordability for the middle class, lowering costs, improving access, accessibility and accountability for the insurance companies.”

Well that’s nice Ms Pelosi, because absolutely none of that came to fruition. Your rhetoric 4 years ago was noting more than pap for a dumbed down voting block and a sold out media who can hardly function without instructions from Washington bureaucrats.

Obamacare has yet to create on net positive job. Obamacare is not affordable for millions as even my own wife’s insurance premiums will double and her deductible will nearly triple and that story is being repeated by the millions all over America. Obamacare has lowered accessibility, not increased it as millions have lost their plans and access to their doctors they’ve had for year despite an iron clad promise from Obama that that would not happen.

Watch Nancy Pelosi lie through her teeth in the video below and just ponder how far down the slippery slope we are with such incredibly inept politicians.


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