Happy Independence Day America – A Roughnecks View of “Independence”….

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Posted on July 4, 2019by sundance

Back in 2015 I explained why CTH would support Donald J Trump, and what the statement: “Make America Great Again”, really meant from my perspective.  Not only has Donald Trump been a President true to his word, he has far exceeded our expectations.

America, our America, is greatest -most blessed- nation on the face of the earth; and every person within her borders is lucky.   I make no apologies for my patriotism and neither does United States President, Donald J Trump.   American independence is a swagger:

President Trump proudly says: “We will Make America Great Again”, and when I hear that, I hear someone who gives a damn about America.  Actually, physically, purposefully and intently ‘gives-a-damn’ without the hint of apology for it.  And that is buckets more valuable to me than a perfected highly-rehearsed set of 30 second sound bites and think-tank policy.

You see, from my perspective any average hard-working American could eat every one of DC’s political elites’ lunches, all of them; and if they want to go down the intellectual superiority path… well, where it really matters, intellectualism is useless.

  • Florida Power and Light won the prestigious International W. Edwards Deming award for excellence in multi-platform engineering quality and efficiency superiority. They didn’t blow every PhD intellectual out of the water with slide rules, CAD programs and engineering acumen.  Nope, they did it with hard hats and dirty fingernails.

Because they lost the award, the Japanese team spent six months studying FPL and later published a 1,000 page dissertation essentially saying FPL “wasn’t really good, they were just lucky”….. FPL field leadership laughed, took out markers and wrote on the back of their hard hats: WE’RE NOT GOOD, WE’RE RUCKY….

  • When every Kuwaiti oil field was blown up by Saddam Hussein, they said it would take five to ten years to cap them all off and restart their oil pumping industry. The Kuwaiti’s and Saudi’s called Texans; we had them all capped and back in working order in ten months.

We are a nation that knows how to get shit done.

  • When the Northern Chile mine workers were trapped two miles underground, they said no-one could save them. Who did they call for help? A bunch of hick miners from USA coal country who went down there, worked on the fly, engineered the rescue equipment on site, and saved every one of them….

That’s our America.

  • When a half-breed Islamic whack job, armed with an AK-47 and a goal to meet his imaginary virgins began opening fire on a train in France, the Americans on board didn’t run to the nearest safe room and hide themselves amid baguettes and brie. They said “let’s go”, and beat the stuffing out of that little nut with a death wish.

Legion d’Honneur or not, that’s us.  That’s just how we roll.

Lady Liberty can stroll along the Champs-Elysées with a swagger befitting Mae West because without her arrival they’d be speaking German in the Louvre.  Yet for the better part of the past decade a group of intellectual something-or-others have been teaching an insufferable narrative that it’s better to be sitting around a campfire eating sustainable algae cakes and picking parasites off each other.


When I hear Donald Trump say “Let’s Make America Great Again”, I also hear the familiar echo “cowboy up” people.

It’s high time we stop being embarrassed about our exceptional nature, and start being proud of it again.   Because when it matters most, when it really counts, when it’s really needed, there’s a whole bunch of people all around this world of ours that are mighty happy when swagger walks in to solve their problems.

Yeah, “let’s make America great again”.  Swagger on !

Happy Independence Day !!


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