Important Weapon Facts

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1. Assault rifle is not a real term. It was made up for fearmongering by the gun control group.
2. AR15 fires a .22 caliber round. The smallest caliber commonly fired by any rifle.
3. No military on the planet has ever used an AR15 in combat, therefore not a military weapon.
3. Eugene Stoner invented the AR as a civilian semi auto rifle, which was later reconfigured with a fire control group that allowed fully automatic fire. The M16A1 
4. The M16A1 was completely ineffective as a battle rifle due to the automatic firing sear. 
5. M16 Was reconfigured again to eliminate the auto fire mode, and changed into a 3-round burst. Now called M16A2 
6. The M16 was redesigned with a collapsible stock and shorter barrel and now called the M4 carbine
7. No civilian can buy any M16 A1-A4 they are illegal. 
8. No civilian can buy an M4 carbine they are illegal. 
9. There is no such thing as an assault rifle they are listed in certain categories.  A) Full auto rifle= machine gun B) Small autofire firearm that fires a pistol cailber= submachine gun. C) Large autofire rifle that is belt fed = SAW or squad automatic weapon. 
10. The military and police have no assault rifle classification. However to placate the ignorant we will assume assault weapon means battle rifle.  Battlefield rifles are illegal for civilians to own. Have been since the mid 80s.
11. 30 rounds is not high capacity, 30 rounds is standard capacity.  
12. Over 90% of all shootings are committed with pistols. But you are worried about the smallest figure.
13. These facts also pertain to any “assault rifle” AR AK etc.
14. In the 90’s there was a 10yr “assault rifle” ban with a sunset  clause in effect that if any proof of a reduction in crime could be proven by studies that the ban would remain permanent.  However there was no reduction in firearm crime. And the ban was lifted. 
15. This is the really important one, Criminals do not obey the law.
No law made will affect any criminal as breaking the law is actually what makes a person a criminal.
16. Murder is illegal and carries the highest penalty of all crimes
However that doesn’t stop people from committing murder. If this law doesn’t work than how does a law saying “you aren’t allowed to murder people with guns” make any difference at all. 
17. Chicago New York Baltimore Detroit and Los Angeles have firearms bans in place, guess which cities see the highest gun crimes? 
18. If you had common sense you could guess why the cities where guns are illegal have the highest rates of gun crime. 
19. Banning weapons only affects law abiding citizens,  law abiding citizens don’t murder people.  So a gun ban has 0 effect. 
20. France is a entire gun free country- didn’t stop a truck full of terrorists from plowing into a crowd and then opening fire with AR rifles. 
21. NYC has a gun ban – didn’t stop that guy from plowing into a crowd and then opening fire with a pistol.

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