Now that everyone is familiar with how the Mueller Special Counsel Team took over Main Justice (DOJ and DOJ-NSD) in May 2017, let’s take a look at a critical ten days.

On July 12, 2018, at the apex of the Mueller probe, the DOJ-NSD dispatched a demonstrably manipulative letter to the FISA court informing the FISC that the predicate for the FISA application was still valid.  {Go Deep} Nine days later, July 21, 2018, the special counsel released the Carter Page FISA application to fill FOIA requests.

The background context is important.  House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte was asking Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer for a copy of the FISA application on file in the FISC.  Collyer responded saying both Goodlatte and Nunes (Legislative Branch) needed to exhaust all efforts to retrieve from the DOJ (Executive Branch).  Congress was questioning the details of the FISA.   Unprompted, and needing to keep prop-up the FISA application the special counsel (DOJ-NSD) responded to the FISC saying the predicate was still valid.

Obviously the background of how the FISA application was attained was critical to the special counsel maintaining the validity of their purpose.  Hence, despite 18 months of direct FBI evidence that contradicted the primary underpinning document, the Steele Dossier, the special counsel lied to the FISC saying the originating predicate was valid.

The July 12, 2018, letter only surfaced in April 2020 after the FISC reviewed the December 9, 2019, IG report which completely contradicted the July 12, 2018, claims. The FISC responded to the Bill Barr DOJ in 2020 by demanding the 2018 letter be given to congressional oversight via Senator Lindsey Graham.   The DOJ submitted the 2018 document and Senator Graham released the letter to the public.

Nine days later, July 21st 2018, the special counsel then released the FISA application to the public under the guise of a FOIA fulfillment.  However, what almost everyone missed was that the actual FISA application itself was a very specific version released.

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Lessons From the U.S.S. Indianapolis….

Long time Treehouse friend Zurich Mike asked some interesting questions earlier.  Perhaps there are intervals, metaphors per se’, when we see history repeat.

Consider the story of the U.S.S. Indianapolis.

In June 1945 the Indianapolis received orders to undertake a top-secret mission of the utmost significance to national security. The objective was to proceed to Tinian island carrying the enriched uranium (about half of the world’s supply of uranium-235 at the time) and other parts required for the assembly of the atomic bomb codenamed “Little Boy”, which would be dropped on Hiroshima a few weeks later.

The mission was a success, and the material to assemble the Atomic bomb was delivered in June 1945. However, even the crew of the ship had no idea just how vital their mission was. Due to the sensitivity of the objective, the captain was under strict instructions to keep the mission a total secret. The outcome of their mission was not visible until August 6, 1945 when the atomic bomb was detonated over Hiroshima, Japan.

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July 26th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1284

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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Posted in Uncategorized | 143 Commentsersations come much easier.   According to those with direct knowledge, when Jeff Sessions recused (fire-walled) from anything to do with the special counsel in ’17, ’18, ’19, Rod Rosenstein “should have” held oversight.  However, in his Senate Judiciary testimony of June 3, 2020, Rosenstein admitted that he conducted no oversight over the Mueller probe.

Rosenstein’s justification was he did not feel it was his position to question their “investigative processes“, later saying “everything was an investigative process“, ergo anything the special counsel was doing was considered valid; nothing was questioned, and Rosenstein felt it was his position to “facilitate” the Mueller team.

This is a key point:  The special counsel took over Main Justice.

Which begs the question….. If Rosenstein was providing everything; who was managing the daily events inside Main Justice while the SC events were ongoing?  Who was the internal coordinator for the legal and investigative crew?  Who was the bridge?  Answer:

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