Milwaukee County Sheriff: 2nd American Revolution Will Happen Upon Gun Confiscation

Posted by Jimmy Minnish on March 5, 2014 under Links | Be the First to Comment

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke warns of a second American revolution if gun control and confiscation passes and said he would not enforce laws requiring confiscation in his county.

“First of all, to me that would be an act of tyranny,” he said of the gun control measures currently under consideration. “So the people in Milwaukee County do not have to worry about me enforcing some sort of order that goes out and collects everybody’s handgun, or rifles, or any kind of firearm and makes them turn them in.”

“The reason is I don’t want to get shot, because I believe that if somebody tried to enforce something of that magnitude, you would see the second coming of an American revolution, the likes of which would make the first revolution pale by comparison,” he added.

So he doesn’t want to get shot trying to confiscate guns…gee, that’s a lot smarter than the socialists who are pushing for gun control!

This sheriff’s office even put out a radio ad telling people they needed to go buy a firearm and learn to use it to protect themselves.

“An armed citizen is nothing for me to worry about”, he states.

Sheriff Says We’re Going to See 2nd American Revolution

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