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Jimmy Minnish

When a progressive liberal asks you to have an open-mind that means you open your mind to their beliefs. You see objectivity is not a liberal mindset.

When a conservative asks you to have an open mind, they are asking you to look at all sides of an issue and make a learned decision.  A conservative believes that objective review of a subject, using unblemished history, U.S. law and Constitution, the teaching of God; proven facts of laws of natural, mathematics and science rule the day.

It’s easy to see why a lack of objectivity can result in two sides agreeing to disagree and not finding a compromise position.  When you can’t reach a compromise, you agree to disagree.  

To clear a path to move forward a vote might be necessary between parties.  A liberal progressive will use any means at their disposal to make a vote result in their favor to include pushing for illegals to vote, voting two or more times, voting in multiple precincts, paying people to vote, busing voters to polls, or as the New Black Panthers did to antagonize people at the polls, or gaining the vote of convicted felons, and fighting voter I.D. laws state by state.  President Obama used a Google contractor to develop software (better software developers than used for Obamacare) to identify each voters preferences in order to alter their voting outcome.

Voting to a conservative is a matter of honestly exercising your right to vote, using proper I.D. and electing the best (conservative) person for the office.

What difference, after all does it make?

A progressive is driven by a social agenda. If it feels good, and if what I want, then you must not only tolerate it, but the liberal progressive is going to make it politically and lawfully a ‘right’, and eventually a social norm. Facts and figures are there to bend and manipulate to accomplish a forgone conclusion.  To the liberal progressive, I have to own the laws and the courts and the voting booth.  The liberal progressive expects to eventually accomplish overall control.

In the history of the world, what political group(s) had such a mindset?  Why wasn’t that mindset and way of life adopted across the world?  

Is there a moral here?

Know who you are and what your believe system is based on. Questions are good. Question everyone and everything.  Use logic and objectivity to guide you. Follow leaders who espouse your beliefs and work to remove those who have selfish interests as their guide.

“If you’re not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative at forty, you have no brain.” Winston Churchill  


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