Can Trump Win a Second Term?

Posted by Jimmy Minnish on November 15, 2020 under Links | Be the First to Comment

Can Trump Win a Second Term? (

President Trump,

Along with my blog posts @, I have written by email to their websites both the Supreme Court and to the National Association Attorney’s General.  I have noted several areas that you are pursuing in your fight to win the election. I have also donated to your election. I am 100% behind you.
I am sure you have your ear to the ground for all areas of working the matter with immediate effect.
Here below is a video I watched by Victor Davis Hanson this morning.  Hanson is one of my go-to-guys regarding matters of concern.
A point I like that he makes is stated at the outset of the video, and at the end.  That is you need to have a political Czar and a campaign Czar. Both zars should hold daily public press briefings to describe on how you are fighting on both fronts.  Do it as you did the Chinese virus.
He said that the present process lacks overall showing of control and viability of your battle and how you are progressing.
Just my thoughts.
Stay the fight!
Jimmy Minnish

Can Trump Win a Second Term?

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