Ted Nugent was only repeating the words of Obama. Was George Bush dissed using his own terms?

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Obama called himself a mongrel on The View when asked by Barbara Walters why he chose being Black over White as being half of each.  Obama said he and many Americans are ‘mongrels’. Barack Obama called the African-Americans a “sort of mongrel people”.  I suspect Nugent added ‘sub-human’ because of Obama’s actions against all Americans when he refuses to follow the document he did swear to follow – the US Constitution. 

Should we talk about the vile things George Bush was called?

Top 10: Most vile anti-Bush signs [SLIDESHOW] | The Daily Caller


The Daily Caller

Jan 31, 2012 – On Tuesday MSNBC’s “Hardball” host Chris Matthews said that the level of hatred directed against President Barack Obama is greater than it 




Ted Nugent Responds For Calling President Obama ‘Sub Human Mongrel’ on CNN

Ted Nugent Responds for Calling President Obama ‘Sub Human Mongrel‘ on CNN Erin Burnett Ted Nugent Responds to Critics 

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  1. Mr.L: Obama Calls Blacks “a Mongrel People” on the View & Gets Away With It

    mrltavern.podomatic.com Obama goes on the View and calls blacks a “mongrel people”

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