Unbelievable: MSNBC Host Complains About White People Calling Out Black Racism, Saying It’s ‘Like A Weapon That They’ve Attempted To Take Away From Black People’

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by: Betsy Ross

Black People’

Via: Liberty News
By Eric Odom

Liberals have, for some time now, claimed the race card as a major part of their intellectually bankrupt debate arsenal. Instead of actually making their case with facts and a coherent discussion of ideas, liberals who get backed into a corner with facts will often use the charge of racism in an attempt to defuse their losing position.

The problem for these liberals is facts and reality are starting to cause big hurdles for their cause. Worse for them, they are actually becoming more and more racist against anyone (black, white or any other color) who disagrees with them.

And people are now pointing out the blatant racism. Like, for example, our recent story about a Trader Joe’s store being denied the ability to open a store because black leaders were afraid it would attract white shoppers. In that case there is zero question as to whether the move to block Trader Joe’s was racist.

But according to MSNBC host Joy Reid, saying they were racist is simply a shallow ploy to take away their ability to use the race card against anyone who isn’t black.

I kid you not.

Related to that underbelly is another pet peeve of the soon-to-be-host: “There’s this new thing where people on the right revel in calling anyone black racist who mentions race.

It’s like a weapon that they’ve attempted to take away from black people, and they call black people racist all the time for things that definitionally don’t even make sense.”

First of all, “people on the right” don’t call those who mention race racists.

People who are racist are called racist. Big difference. Second, it’s amazing to see an MSNBC host admit the charge of racism, within the black community, is a weapon used by black people. Which is, at its face, relatively racist.

Oh the irony.


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