Wake County North Carolina placing teaching Marxism to the youth of NC

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The purpose of this resource is to provide educators with the tools to face racism, talk to students about racism, and become allies in racial equity spaces. You will notice that the content on this site lives beyond just a list of hyperlinked artifacts. It was important to the Office of Equity Affairs to situate these tools in a broader historical, social, and political context so that educators gain a full understanding of the resource’s utility.

Please know, talking about race and racism can be a sensitive subject that evokes intense emotions. But don’t let that be a reason to walk away from this important national conversation. Instead, we urge you to consider norms, strong scaffolds, connections to academic content, and deeper national/historical context while planning for courageous conversations about race to help students better understand the world around them. As always, feel free to reach out to OEA for any additional support needs.  Onward!

Racial Equity Resources

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