Biden’s Obit – Projected

Posted by Jimmy Minnish on April 26, 2019 under Links | Be the First to Comment


Although Old Uncle Joe was a do-nothing fixture in Congress, he was picked as the running mate for Obama because of his supposed foreign relations experience.  He parlayed that experience or at least his top political office experience to promoting illegal business dealing as an EX-VP with Russia, for his sons business. He was the epitome of a Creepy Old Fool for his roaming hands and smelling females hair which some called ‘endearing’. His ‘mama told him not to run’ but at 77 be became a three-time presidential contending loser (88, 08, 20). I mean, Old Joe had more baggage than a full fuslage 747.  Just to show you how much the McCain’s hated President Trump, they allowed themselves to be touch and smell distance to Joe in his last campaign. What do you call that from the McCain’s ‘hate support’?

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His mantra while running in 2020 for president was: ‘We are in the battle for the soul of this nation’.  Old Uncle Joe wanted to take America back to the Obama economy – wow.  That is a nostalgic goal we don’t need to revisit even in retrospect. 

Joe Biden said that: ‘If we allow President Trump to have four more years as president, he will fundamentally change this nation forever.’  H-E-L-L-O.. The nation has to be fundamentally changed BACK for the BRINK that you and Obama took us to. It’s a three letter word Joe: JOBS.

God rest his battling battered soul.

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