Today’s America Would be a a Third World Country, Under the Left’s Rule..

Posted by Jimmy Minnish on May 8, 2019 under Links | Be the First to Comment



Let’s look at what makes today’s America different from a third world country? 


  • people defecate in the street; 
  • homeless Americans are abandoned for the lefts prized invaders; 
  • media and entertainment is controlled by the left;
  • media and entertainment spouts propaganda disguised as enrichment ; 
  • children are taught leftist propaganda in the schools; 
  • leftist minority agenda is posed as a majority ideal; 
  • social media blacklists conservative thought;
  • Christianity, the basis of American values, laws and the Constitution is the most persecuted religious group in the world, and by the left;
  • Judaism and Christianity is shunned by leftist;
  • leftist politicians are openly anti-Semitic and anti-Christian;
  • leftist are pro-religions who persecute gays, women, and other religions, while allowing for slavery; 
  • leftist push to separate the races on ideological lines and cause racial and political party strife;
  • American capitalism, patriotism, values, laws and the Constitution as spat on;
  • leftist want to disarm all Americans;
  • leftist wish to bankrupt Medicare;
  • leftist run states are creating laws that are meant to keep a political party off of the presidential election ballot
  • leftist political party paid for opposition research used by the FBI, DOJ and CIA to try and influence a presidential election
  • the purveyors of law – police, sheriffs, ICE, military are spat on and ignored;
  • our countries sovereign borders, specifically the southern border is challenged by the left and invaders 
  • where the invaders from the south are financed and schooled on how to evade America laws and apprehension;
  • where cities, towns and states in America claim asylum to lawless invaders as sanctuary’s of lawlessness;
  • when voter ID is required, it is rebuffed as voter suppression (really)
  • where the left works to control the Judicial Branch and the lower judges, to try and overturn the laws;
  • where the left controlled House of Representatives is working for disruption of America, and not for the American people
  • where a democratically elected president and his team are SPIED ON, and investigated for treasonous acts with no probable cause, and no findings for action; but the results are dismissed and the instigators double down on their lies, and work to also persecute the Attorney General who is investigating the investigators.


There is no way that we can allow the left to maintain control of the House of Representatives, or gain control of the presidency or the Senate – EVER AGAIN.  If that happens American greatness is lost.   

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